Friday, March 4, 2011


I have to admit that my first introduction to "blogging" was via Ana-Whites blog.  I sat for hours in amazement looking at all of her creations.  It was inspiring to think "hey I could do that."  I quickly took over my husbands garage and started to build.  My first project was to organize my kids playroom.  My daughter has toys everywhere.  We are knee deep in polly pockets, littlest pet shoppe and barbies.  Not to mention playfood, and babydolls other dollhouse items.  My son has past the small toy phase but still has to live in this chaos (I am not sure he notices while he is playing video games.)  

Well my first Ana-White project was a PB knockoff that was perfect.

It’s modeled after Land of Nod’s Cube Collection, and yes, those bins are also modeled after Land of Nod’s bins, measuring 11″ x 11″ x 11″.  I believe you can also buy these at Target, but the Land of Nod price is very reasonable and the colors are fantastic.  Or the pink dots like Grace’s room are from Pottery Barn Kids

My bookshelves are just what the doctor ordered to contain all of that clutter.  I bought IKEA bins $5/each and labeled each one 

The final result!

So I set off to work!
2 Days, $50 and a little Free labor from my kids!
Before the Bins, but finished!

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