Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dress up Room

So one of my creative and organizational inspirations is my best girlfriend Valerie!  She has so many great ideas and which I steal as soon as I have a good place to implement them.  This is a great one that I may try to put into my daughters room.

Valerie has made a dress up "cabana" in her daughters beach inspired room.

The Cabana

To make the cabana, she attached a large piece of wood to the wall using shelf brackets.  The she made curtain panels and attached them using velcro in case one of the kids was to get hung up in the curtain (it comes down with the kids weight.)  Next she assembled the top portion using a staple gun to create the top of the canopy. BRILLIANT!  All the mess and clutter is contained behind.  And the little girls love to go into the cabana to change.

Inside the Cabana all the dress up items are stored out of site.
Inside the cabana, all of the costumes are hung up and all the other accessories (wands, jewelry, etc) are stored in a small toy box below the costumes.  The little kids can also use the toy box to sit and put on their outfits.

These hooks made hanging up dress up clothes easy for little hands.
  To make it really easy for little hands to hang the costumes back up, Valerie used knobs and screwed them directly into the wall.  There is no need for hangers just hand the costumes over the knobs.

Love all of the inspiration that I get from my friend, thanks Val for letting me share your ideas!

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