Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ballard Cork Board Knockoff

So in an effort to create my craft room, I came across these cork boards and thought this would be a easy way to add some inspiration to my craft room.

Ballard Designs

Here is another example

So here is mine!

My completed project!

Supplies:  Material, Ribbon, Cork Board, Spray Adhesive, Scissors, and an Awl and hot glue gun (not pictured).

Spray adhesive on material and cork board and adhere to front of board, be sure to smooth out any bubbles in the fabric.
Cover board completely, and flip over to hot glue raw edge to back of board.

Basically, wrap the board like a package using hot glue to make everything stay put!

Measure for holes for ribbon.

Use an Awl to make a hole through the fabric and cork board.

Thread ribbon through the holes.

Tie ribbon and it's done!

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