Monday, February 28, 2011

New to blogging....

I am a new blogger and have not even followed many blogs. As I have scanned many decorating blogs, I am amazed at the creativity of many of the authors.  I found another new blogger "The Cre8tive Outlet" who did a knock off the pottery barn plane graphic and I love it.  Take a look, I might try to attempt myself soon for my husband's (who is a commercial pilot) office.


PB Knock Off...

While impulsively rearranging my living room, I ended up pushing two "hand-me-down" shelves together to create a 8' long entertainment/toy organizer/storage unit. The problem..The long 8' of empty wall above. I really wanted something the same length of the shelves and something large. My mind drifted back to something I saw in PB's recent catalog...
Eight feet long, neutral, not to distracting from the t.v below - What's not to love about it? Oh Yeah the $300 price tag.
But would I pay $300 for this...No. Sorry PB, but How hard could it be to make something similar? Not very!

Want to know how you can do it too? Stay tuned for a tutorial! I have to go now.....nap time is almost over (sigh).

Tutorial here
This is not used to create the SAME picture from PB, but something like it - inspired by what I saw at PB. The image I used is from LIFE magazine online. These "reproductions" are NOT for sale.
I am linking here and here

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