Monday, February 14, 2011

Bathroom Linen Closet Organization

Today, I got busy in my bathroom and organized my linen closet.  My husband bought me a laminator for christmas so I had a blast sorting, containerizing and labeling everything.

All my medicines are now sorted by type of ailment, pain reliever, stomach ailment, Rx, etc. 

I put kids and adult meds together.  

 Organized towels.  I bought a 2 pack of shelve organizers at the grocery store to separate my towels.  Maybe this will help me keep them folded correctly, since they need to fit in a defined space.  I also used a shelf basket and rolled my handtowels.  I am going back to the store for another one to roll my washclothes. 

Essential, need my toilet paper out of the wrapper and in a basket so my kids can serve themselves if they are out instead of yelling for me.....


  1. I had to laugh about the toilet paper being out of the wrapper. Why are MY kids at YOUR house? Oh wait, it's MY kids at MY house hollerin' the same thing!

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